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  "Just finished Cabin IV, can't wait for the next book. Just last week we traveled past Fairmont on I-79 on our way to North Carolina.  When I see all the mountainous areas as we traveled through West Virginia and Virginia, I can just imagine families living as you described in the stories.  Keep up the good work, and let me know when the next books are available."

    "Ms. Henderson, I met you briefly at an author autograph session at Books a Million in Dec '04.  I bought the whole set as a gift for a friend and just "Cabin: Misery on the Mountain" for myself. Although I love to read, things have been so crazy and hectic in my life that I haven't had time to indulge and my copy has been gathering dust all this time. Last week I hurt my leg (nothing very serious) which forced me to slow down and I finally got to start reading some of "Misery". Well...I have been totally sucked in!  I am almost ready to start Cabin II and when I bought it I also got Cabin III so I can continue without stopping. By the time I get into #3, I'll have Cabin IV waiting in the wings. I feel very privileged to have a personalized autographed copy of Cabin : "Misery"  and I had the great fortune of finding one (and only one) copy of Cabin II with your autograph in it also. I bought that one."
    "As a native West Virginian (originally from the northern panhandle but ultimately having lived in other parts of the state), I am often offended by the perception that so much of the country has about the ignorant hillbilly West Virginians. However, having lived here all of my life I do know that these people DO exist. I have lived in Marshall, Upshur, Kanawha, Jackson, Clay and Monongalia counties and they all have their pockets of these unfortunate, uneducated, often inbred, reclusive families who live in a different world."

    "Your characters each spring to life with individual personalities and outlooks. They could be real people. I intentionally did not read any of the cover or lead-in clips so that none of the story would be given away until I got to it in print.  I was very surprised as I came to many of the twists and turns. It is more fun not knowing what to expect.  You are a very good story teller and this is a very good story. I am looking forward to reading the whole series. Thanks for the entertainment.  Your stories make me appreciate how well things really are in my own life. It makes me thankful for my caring family and for my running water and electricity, et al. Keep 'em coming. I'll be sure to MAKE time to read these! Sincerely yours, Another Carol" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    "Hi CJ.  I met you at a book signing at Border's Express at Fair Oaks mall a few weeks ago early on a Saturday morning. I bought the first of your series of books that day and absolutely loved it!!! It was a page turner and the characters are so real.  At first when I saw the subject matter I was a little apprehensive, but I couldn't put it down! When we spoke at Border's you mentioned something about some truth in it. Is it based on a true story or a work of fiction but that sort of thing does happen? I hate to think there are too many Jacob's around:) I have a very high pressured job on Capitol Hill and work long hours.  I love to read but am very fussy about my books and they have to be page turners, otherwise I fall asleep. Your book was certainly a page turner and I just loved it!  You're a wonderful mystery writer."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     "Thanks for hours of enjoyable and exciting reading."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     "Just finished reading your Cabin series,great read. My wife and I (she is from West Virginia; I'm from Tennessee) both lived under conditions you describe in your writtings. When do you think you will be putting out the next book?"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     "I've just finished reading the first two books. I can't tell you how much fun they've been. I am delighted to have three more to read and I've heard that a sixth is coming out sometime this year. Yes? Also, I believe you are getting ready to begin another whole series. I can't wait! Hurry up, C.J.!  Nancy"

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