The Cabin VI: From Aggie's Rocking Chair

"Thumpa … thumpa … thumpa. The train that Daisy and the twin boys rode in moved swiftly over the rails. The rhythmic noise of the passenger car lulled the restless boys into a fitful sleep. They hadn’t wanted to leave their friends in the suburbs of Wheeling, West Virginia, where they had lived since they were two. But after sulking for the first few miles of their journey, Drexel and Dakota finally slept.

"Unlike her boys, Daisy found the cramped quarters and cadenced thumping too unnerving to allow for sleep. To add to her despair, she was unsure of her travel route and plans. Once before she and the boys had traveled, but that was on the bus that took them to Wheeling when she finally summoned the courage to flee from the only home she had ever known: a dreary, isolated cabin on the mountain above Winding Ridge . . . "

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