Cabin V: I Am Jacob

"Ya ain't goin' to believe it, so ya ain't," Aggie said, ignoring the pieces of clean laundrycaught in splinters to hang from the edge of the table, as she settled herself in a rocking chair beside the potbelly stove, "not what I've got to say, so ya won't." At the foot of the rocking chair, Annabelle's old tomcat sat quiety on its haunches, its muscles tensed, as if waiting for Aggie to get comfortable. As Aggie reached for the spittoon Annable kept there for her, the cat sprang onto her lap. "joe came back by my cabin after he brought your supplies an' told me that Jeb's comin' back to th' mountain, so he did," Aggie patted the cat's head after it had pranced around and found a comfortable place to lie across her familiar lap. "

"Why in tarnation didn't he tell me" I'm his mother," Annabelle grumbled.

"I knowed how to get information outa a body, so I do. Besides, ya don't need to knowed everythin', so ya don't. Such as Jeb's sayin' he's movin' us again!"

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