The Cabin IV:
In Jacob's Shadow

In the continuing saga of the Cabin Series, the beloved characters of Winding Ridge, who have lived so far removed from the twenty-first century, are affected by the deadliest terrorist act in U.S. history.

As Annabelle and Daisy quarrel about how Jacob McCallister, the man the three women live with, will react if he learning that Daisy is working at the town bar to save the money to move into the city, one of his children by a former mistress appears at the back door. Patty had left the mountain four years earlier with the help of Tuesday Summers, the one woman who ever rejected McCallister. Tuesday gave Patty a home and treats her as if she were her own daughter.

Now Patty has begun her search for her mother’s people. Her mother died giving birth to Patty in the remote cabin where she lived with McCallister and his other mistresses. Patty is desperate to find out whether any of her mother’s family might share her uncanny ability to predict future events. Maybe they can help her learn ways to avoid walking into her own nightmares over and over.

After learning Patty’s plans, Annabelle suggests they talk to Aunt Aggie, who raised Jacob after the death of his mother—her sister—and the two of them strike out for Aggie’s cabin at the top of the mountain. There, Patty learns that an old woman, who the mountain folks believe is a witch, is in fact her maternal grandmother. It is also revealed that after her own husband’s death, Aunt Aggie was unable to support her nephew and her stepchildren, so she sold them off one by one, creating a pattern that Jacob continued.

Just hours after meeting with her grandmother for the first time, Patty goes missing. Her friend Paul Frank, who had come to her aid two years earlier when Jacob had kidnapped Patty and Tuesday, soon learns of her disappearance. Driven by his undeclared love for her, he leaves the city where he has been benefiting from his friendship with Tuesday and her husband, Detective Cliff Moran. Paul Frank travels back to the mountain that was once his home to find Patty.

Paul Frank, Cliff, and Tuesday piece together Patty’s nightmares about her father. In her visions, McCallister is building a huge mansion especially for Tuesday and Patty. She is stranded on a lonely road in front of the ex-pensive house, and in another, she is locked in a small, dark place. Recalling McCallister’s ability to disappear as he did after he was caught selling his own children, the victims of his cruel activities struggle to determine weather the evidence that he was actually in the World Trade Center that fateful day is valid. The mystery deepens as Paul Frank is murdered, and the suspense builds, as McCallister’s diabolical plan is unveiled.

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