The Cabin II: Return to Winding Ridge

Patty, living an unacustomed life of comfort and prosperity in Tuesday’s suburban home, could not completely relax knowing—through her haunting and precognitive dreams—the terror of Jacob McCallister fulfilling his threat of having her and Tuesday once again under his complete control. Everyday, the echo of his warning hung over their lives. The stress of living under this cloud, of being taken back to the remote mountain cabin, gave fodder to Patty’s nightmares, and her night screams kept Tuesday in constant dread.

In due time, their new life together in their new home was short lived. On a quiet night McCallister stole into their home, and brought life as they knew it to an end. The story unfolds as they are reunited with Annabelle, Rose, Daisy, Joe, Sara, and Aunt Aggie, the characters who continue to keep the readers of The Cabin Series clamoring to hear more about these captivating folks.

McCallister, knowing Cliff Moran would lead the authorities straight to his mountain home, enlisted Aunt Aggie as an accomplice and took his little family to a place called Broad Run, a place where Patty would meet her destiny. Broad Run was also a place neither Cliff Moran nor the authorities would associate with McCallister who was known only as keeping his women and children in the remote cabin nestled above the small town of Winding Ridge. The authorities would never suspect a man who had a contemporary house—a house where he spent most of his time and spent the large sums of money resulting from his diabolical use of his family.

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