The Cabin: Misery on the Mountain

Tuesday and Annabelle lived in the same state but in two different worlds. Tuesday, educated and independent, lived in the city; Annabelle knew only the harsh life of the mountain cabin which was set high in the Appalachian outback, where she lived with her husband and two other women, all of them calling themselves his wives.

Tuesday never knew that life could change so drastically in such a short time. When her car broke down in sub-zero weather, she was faced with the choice between freezing or accepting help from a stranger. She chose to trust the stranger who claimed to be Jacob McCallister. Attracted to his good looks and quiet ways, Tuesday agreed to a date when he asked to see her again. She continued to get to know Jacob and was both intrigued and put off by his secretiveness. Her friend, Cora, was uneasy about Jacob and insisted Tuesday drop him, and allow Cora to introduce Tuesday to Cliff Moran. Meanwhile, Cora continued working with Cliff Moran, who was the detective in charge of her daughter’s case, in an ongoing search for her. Cora’s daughter had been kidnapped two years earlier.

As this fascinating story unfolds, the lives of Tuesday Summers, Cliff Moran, Jacob McCallister and Annabelle become shockingly entwined and the horrific activities of a baby-selling ring are exposed.

Set in the beautiful but treacherous mountains of West Virginia, the story reveals the best and the worst of human nature.

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